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The American Society of Landscape Architects recommends spending about 5-10% of your home's worth on your landscaping. The good news is that new landscaping can add as much as 15 percent to the value of your home compared to other houses on your street.

Landscape Design 


After an initial free consultation to determine the issues and needs being addressed, typically less than one hour, it will be clear if a landscape design is necessary. There are many variables affecting the time put into a design and the cost, such as: the size/scope and complexity of the project, the level of clarity regarding objectives at the onset, the ease of communication and agreement between all parties involved, and the number of iterations required to reach the ultimate plan.

What you get:

  • Ample opportunities throughout the process to explain the issues you’re experiencing and express your ideas and desires for the new landscaping

  • In the past, we've offered various top-view designs. Currently, we are incorporating software that overlays the proposed landscaping elements on photos of your yard. Our customers find it very easy to envision the design when it is presented in this format.

  • Photos of proposed plants and material options

  • Photos of similar jobs when relevant

  • Line item installation cost estimate

Low cost: $200
High cost: $750
Typical cost: $35

Fresh Start Outdoors.jpg

Labor Rates & Job Cost Estimates 


Our labor rate range is $65-$85 per man, per hour, including job-related travel time to transport personnel, equipment, and materials to and from job sites. Materials, rentals, and hauling fees are additional to labor charges. We encourage customers to carefully review any estimate before moving forward. As job site conditions and circumstances vary, unforeseen challenges can arise, and changes/additions are often made mid-project, the final cost may be above, below, or exactly matching the estimate. We attempt to monitor costs as projects progress and inform you of significant deviations from the initial estimate as we go.

What you get:

  • Written estimates are typically broken down as line items and are intended to include all anticipated costs associated with the job 

  • Estimates are free, unless otherwise communicated, and design fees apply when applicable (landscape design is detailed above)

  • Plant prices, sizes and exact types are subject to availability and subject to (approved) substitutions, but what we’re aiming for is clearly identified in the estimate

  • Estimates are open to negotiation until a final version/plan is approved

  • The first version of an estimate may not include detailed product specifications, and those final decisions can affect the cost

Small job: $600 - $3,000
Typical job on lower end: $3,000 - $7,500
Typical job on higher end: $7,500 - $20,000

Big job: $20,000 - $45,000 (for jobs above this range, we collaborate with another local contractor)

  • What is your process and how long does it take?
    Connect Send us a consultation request at the bottom of this page, or call and text us at 314-890-9492 We'll set up a time to visit your property to discuss the issues you're facing. While we're there, we'll take photos and measurements to build your estimate. Design/Estimate You can expect to receive your proposed design and the corresponding estimate via email within two weeks or sooner, unless otherwise communicated. Review and respond with questions, concerns, and changes until we agree on a plan Scheduling and Implementation We'll keep you in the loop about when you can expect us.
  • Can my project be completed in stages?
    Yes! When we come for your free estimate, you can show us every problem part of your yard and we will seperate the estimated costs so you can choose which aspects to complete whenever you want.
  • Do I have to be home when you're there?
    Not necessarily. It would be helpful to have the following things covered if you don't plan on being home: Provide parking access via the driveway or the street close to the property. Unlock the back gate if we need access to the rear of the property. If you have a hose visible, we will water any installed plants before leaving.
  • Do you have a warranty on your plants?
    Yes. You, the customer, are responsible for proper watering of any sod or plants installed. Improper watering voids guarantee. Plant guarantee is valid one year from installation date: customer pays the plant replacement cost, while plant procurement and installation is provided at no charge, limited to one replacement per plant. Living plants may not qualify.
  • Who will work on my property?
    You can meet our crew here We'll be wearing navy or green FSO branded shirts or jackets and will introduce ourselves if you're home.
  • How do I take care of my new landscaping?
    Our crew will leave you with a watering guide, which you can also view here. Let us know at if you have any questions.
  • What is the best time of year to install new plants?
    Spring and fall are the best times to plant perrenials, shrubs, and ornamental trees. Plant after the summer heat and before the first frost -- September and October in St. Louis -- gives plants time to grow strong roots over the winter and requires less maintenance up front. Spring planting can happen after the last frost and before the worst heat of summer, which is typically mid-March through June. Planting in the spring will require more watering throughout the first year, up to 3-4 times weekly through the summer through frost. That being said, it is possible to play year round with success, provided that the proper care is taken care of the plants after installation.
Hardscaping Investment
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