The American Society of Landscape Architects recommends spending about 5-10% of your home's worth on your landscaping. The good news is that new landscaping can add as much as 15 percent to the value of your home compared to other houses on your street.

Landscape Design 


We charge $75 per hour for landscape design, after an initial free consultation to determine the issues and needs being addressed, typically less than one hour. There are many variables affecting the time put into a design and the cost, such as: the size/scope and complexity of the project, the level of clarity regarding objectives at the onset, the ease of communication and agreement between all parties involved, and the number of iterations required to reach the ultimate plan.

What you get:

  • Ample opportunities throughout the process to explain the issues you’re experiencing and express your ideas and desires for the new landscaping

  • The design itself is a two dimensional, roughly to scale, color PDF, emailed to you

  • Structures and plants will be clearly identifiable and labeled

  • The design includes a unique monicker for every plant being proposed as well as a color “real life” picture of each plant

  • Detailed information and care guidelines for each plant are provided prior to or immediately following installation

  • Plant spacing on the design represents anticipated mature size of the plants

Low cost: $225
High cost: $750
Typical cost: $300-$375

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Labor Rates & Job Cost Estimates 


Our default minimum labor rate is $65 per man, per hour, including job related travel time to transport personnel, equipment, and materials to and from job sites. Materials, rentals, and hauling fees are additional to labor charges. We encourage customers to carefully review any estimate before moving forward. As job site conditions and circumstances vary, unforeseen challenges can arise, and changes/additions are often made mid-project, the final cost may be above, below, or exactly matching the estimate. We attempt to monitor costs as projects progress and inform you of significant deviations from the initial estimate as we go.

What you get:

  • Written estimates are typically broken down as line items and are intended to include all anticipated costs associated with the job 

  • Estimates are free, unless otherwise communicated, and design fees apply when applicable (landscape design is detailed above)

  • Plant prices, sizes and exact types are subject to availability and subject to (approved) substitutions, but what we’re aiming for is clearly identified in the estimate

  • Estimates are open to negotiation until a final version/plan is approved

  • The first version of an estimate may not include detailed product specifications, and those final decisions can affect the cost

Small job: $600 - $3,000
Typical job on lower end: $3,000 - $7,500
Typical job on higher end: $7,500 - 20,000

Big job: $20,000 - $45,000
Typical job: $3,500 - $9,500

Investment Factors Per Project

Retaining Walls

We install natural stone landscaping/retaining walls, typically dry stacked, as well as block walls, including but not limited to six inch Versa Lok, four inch Garden Wall blocks. Many factors play into the cost to install a wall including: size, job site access, material selection, and the complexity of the project. The following are pricing guidelines:

  • 6” block wall (no engineering/geogrid required, starting at $50 per sf installed
  • 4” block wall starting at $25 per sf
  • Natural stone, dry stacked (straight) starting at $45 per sf. Curved walls cost more if many cuts are required.


We install natural stone steps, precast steps that look like natural stone, and steps constructed of retaining wall blocks/caps. There is a wide range of sizes, material and labor costs for a variety of circumstances, but as a general guide, a 3’ wide step will cost from $200-$300 installed. We do not pour concrete.

Borders + Edging

Landscaping beds often require a hard border, and there are a variety of materials from plastic, to steel, to concrete products, to natural stone suitable for this purpose. Natural stone is typically at the high end at $12-$15 per foot installed, while lower end concrete products, like bullet edging, might cost $5-8 per foot installed depending on the length and the circumstances. Steel and plastic are less durable in the long run but are used occasionally when appropriate.

Patios + Walkways

We install patios, pads, and walkways constructed with concrete pavers or natural stone (flagstone). There are a wide variety of factors affecting cost, including size, jobsite access, excavation and hauling required, material selection, shape, and project complexity. Paver surfaces typically start at a minimum estimated cost of $20-22 per sf installed, whereas natural stone is closer to $30 per sf installed, base price.

Gravel Paths + Stepping Stones

Informal pathways can be a nice accent to your landscaping as well as a convenient and clean way to move around your property. All the obvious variables such as size, jobsite access, excavation and hauling required, and material selection affect the cost, but as a guide, these alternatives will probably be half or as low as a fourth the cost of pavers or a formal flagstone walkway. $10 per sf is a good place to start.


As a rule of thumb for estimating plants and installation, we start with the cost of the plant multiplied by 1.5 or by 2. So a $50 shrub would be $75-$100 installed, depending on many factors including prep work required prior to planting, the size of the overall job and many other variables. When the budget is tight, smaller plants are typically less expensive. When time is of the essence, more mature plants are the way to go.
Given the wide variety of plants and sizes, the following is representative of typical cost ranges:

  • Perennials $15-20 plus installation
  • Shrubs $35-75 plus installation

  • Trees $100-350 plus installation

Grading, Drainage Systems + Sod

Water problems can be both very disruptive and difficult to resolve, but over the years we’ve had success in many challenging situations redirecting water and protecting property from water damage. We employ a variety of strategies including pipe drains, french drains, grading, catch basins, burying and extending downspouts, and gravel pits as a last resort. Every situation is different but the following are basic guidelines for estimating costs

  • Downspout extension (buried) $15 per foot installed
  • Pipe drains $20-25 per foot
  • Grading by machine (2 men) $175-225 per hr
  • Sod, on a ready or mostly ready surface $1 per sf installed

  • Sod prep including tear out and grading $1 per sf, plus hauling

  • Grading and topsoil as needed before sodding $1-3 per sf

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