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About Us

Our Design Philosophy

We have a simple goal that drives our design philosophy. We want our customers to enjoy their new landscaping! We also want them to enjoy the process of working with us, just as we enjoy our daily work. It sounds simple because it is simple. It’s not necessarily easy to achieve, but it’s not complicated.

First of all, things need to work well and continue to work well for a long time, whether it’s a patio, a retaining wall, or a landscaped yard. And since we expect our work to last a long time, we want it to look really good that whole time.


Looking good and working well are somewhat relative terms, so it’s imperative that we listen attentively, observe closely and understand our customers and their situations in order to deliver solutions that serve them well. That way, when the job is complete, we enjoy the praises of passersby, neighbors, and the mailman, we earn our customers’ trust and gratitude as they begin enjoying their new and improved yard, and we all enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done!


  • It’s gotta work

  • It’s gotta look great

  • It’s gotta last

  • It’s gotta be enjoyable!

Our Desig Philosophy
Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Tony Teoli Large.jpeg


Owner + Operator

On Team Since: September 2001

Hobbies: writing, walking, and cycling

Favorite Plant: 'Citronelle' Coral Bells

Kristen Teoli Large.jpeg


Office Manager

On Team Since: February 2022

Hobbies: painting and shopping

Favorite Plant: Magnolia Trees

Kath Gagen Large.jpeg



On Team Since: May 2018

Hobbies: DIY projects and reading

Favorite Plant: Flowering Dogwood

Cody Cronin Large.jpeg



On Team Since: October 2018

Hobbies: cars

Favorite Plant: Blue Hydrangeas

Kyle Lambert Large.jpeg



On Team Since: March 2021

Hobbies: fishing

Favorite Plant: Arborvitae

Justin Teoli Large.jpeg



On Team Since: March 2020

Hobbies: playing sports

Favorite Plant: Roses

Our Service Area

By School District

Maplewood —
Richmond Heights
University City
Valley Park
FSO Service Area Map St. Louis.png
Retaining Wall Landscaping | St. Louis, MO
Retaining Wall Landscaping | St. Louis, MO

Moss rock wall and paver path

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Pathway Landscaping | St. Louis, MO
Pathway Landscaping | St. Louis, MO

Fon-du-lac flagstone pathway

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Natural Stone Steps | St. Louis, MO
Natural Stone Steps | St. Louis, MO

Alpine natural stone steps

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Retaining Wall Landscaping | St. Louis, MO
Retaining Wall Landscaping | St. Louis, MO

Moss rock wall and paver path

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Our Service Area
IMG_6131 Large.jpeg

Our History

Serving the St. Louis area since 2001

Established in 2001 as basically one man with a shovel and a wheelbarrow, we’ve grown and learned a lot along the way! Completing thousands of jobs over the past two decades, to the delight of many happy customers, it’s fun to reflect on all the joy and beauty we’ve helped to infuse into our community. There are many benefits to operating a small, local business over so many years, and not least among those is the opportunity we’ve had to employ many young people, including four of our seven kids! 

If working with a family owned and operated, home grown local business with an outstanding reputation for excellent service and fantastic results appeals to you, and your landscaping could stand some improvement, please reach out to us!

Justin Digging.jpg
Join Our Team
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Join Our Team

Do you have experience in landscaping or hardscaping and want to work for a family-operated and faith-based small business?

Click below to submit your application.

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