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You deserve a pleasant landscaping experience, every single time! One in which every interaction is respectful, communication is timely and productive, your needs are clearly understood, and a customized plan of action is implemented and completed as expected, so that everyone’s happy and eager to collaborate in the future! Here’s how we make that happen:



Your calls will always be returned promptly!

  • Your calls, texts, and emails will be answered within twenty four hours - spring, summer, fall, or winter! 

  • You will know the steps and stages in process as your project progresses. 

  • You will have the information you need to make confident decisions!


You will have all the help you need to achieve your landscaping goals!

  • Your ideas, preferences, questions, and concerns will be carefully heard and fully considered as we assess the situation together and formulate our action plan.

  • Your Fresh Start team consists of our immediate staff, plus our entire network of contacts, including material vendors, service contractors, and industry experts.

  • You have our knowledge, experience, expertise, equipment, skills and man power at your service!


You will have all the help you need to achieve your landscaping goals!


  • You benefit from our practical, creative and innovative design ideas, solutions and strategies.

  • You have access to our collection of job pictures, material samples, product brochures, internet links, and custom design renderings to flesh out and envision the details of your project.

  • You will receive a comprehensive, written proposal quickly, in a time frame ranging from one to fourteen days in most cases, depending on the scope of the project.



You will see your landscaping vision fulfilled!


  • Your landscaping needs will be established and met through our start-to-finish process.

  • Your landscaping project will be well planned, professionally and efficiently executed.

  • Your wholehearted stamp of approval on our work will conclude every project we undertake together!


You will love your new landscaping!


  • You will celebrate and appreciate your finished, fabulous new landscaping!

  • You will enjoy the benefits of your new and improved landscaping from that day forward…and possibly wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

  • Your positive experience working with us and your beautiful new landscaping will compel you to invite us back without hesitation, and enthusiastically refer Fresh Start Enterprises at every opportunity!

Our Design Philosophy

We believe that exceptional landscaping is a highly rewarding lifestyle & real estate investment, which elevates the beauty, value, and enjoyment of the entire property for years to come!


We consider the following to be qualifiers for exceptional landscape design:


  • It integrates the homeowner’s lifestyle, tastes and preferences, with the home’s architecture and environs, with an eye toward the future.

  • It unifies.The home is the picture and the landscaping is the frame; each should complement the other for the greatest overall aesthetic appeal.

  • It adds notable, measurable value to the home and neighborhood.

  • It is guided by a thorough understanding of each plant’s place and space requirements, adding balance, interest, color, texture, softness, excitement and value to the property.

  • It exceeds the homeowner’s expectations and continues to do so year after year!


Meet The Team

Our team of skilled landscapers have more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Scroll down to learn more about the Fresh Start Outdoors team members!



Owner + CEO

On Team Since: 2001

Hobbies: reading, writing, walking, cycling, Youtube-surfing

Favorite Plant: Kaleidoscope Abelia




On Team Since: October 2018

Hobbies: cars

Favorite Plant: Hydrangeas




On Team Since: June 2019

Hobbies: running

Favorite Plant: Hydrangeas




On Team Since: May 2019

Hobbies: soccer, working out

Favorite Plant: Knockout Roses



Creative Director

On Team Since: May 2018

Hobbies: DIY projects and cooking

Favorite Plant: Flowering Dogwood 



Co-Owner + Administrator

On Team Since: 2001

Hobbies: reading, walking, spending time with friends and family

Favorite Plant: Redbud trees

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