Many homeowners are unhappy with their outdoor space. We make strategic landscaping renovations that revitalize the look and feel of their home!


Fresh Start Outdoors is a home based, residential landscaping company located in St. John, MO, established in 2001, operating primarily in St. Louis City and County, engaged in services including landscape design, installation, and maintenance.


All of our current employees are Ritenour High School graduates or students from 16-25 years of age, all presently residing within the Ritenour School District. We are seeking to expand our team with individuals who fit well into our company culture and are interested in pursuing a landscaping vocation.


The Cons:

  • Semi-seasonal in that while we work through the winter as much as possible, weather can deter us for unpredictable periods of time

  • No health benefits currently available

  • Given the weather or the task at hand there are some hard days - too hard for some people

The Pros:

  • Working outdoors and working with our hands

  • Daily before and after transformations we take pride in

  • Mastery of many useful life-long skills

  • Varied work keeps it interesting

  • We work in nice areas for interesting and accomplished people

  • Our customers appreciate us!

  • Weekly team meetings for planning, training, and team building

  • We strive to prepare and equip every individual for their job duties

  • Our core vales around attitude, results and trust keep us on track

  • Pay increases come fast for those who earn it

  • We strive to create an environment of limitless opportunities

  • Evenings, weekends and holidays off

  • This is a low key, yet high expectation workplace


Proud Member of the Northwest Chamber of Commerce

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